Public Works

Public Works Department

The Public Work Department encompasses the following operations:

  • Cemetery Department
  • Forestry Division
  • Parks Maintenance Department
  • Street Department
  • Traffic Signal Department

The Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvements to the city-owned transportation infrastructure including all streets, street right-of-ways  and alleyways. The Street Department strives to efficiently provide for the safe movement of both motor vehicles and pedestrians through the city.

The Street Department operates the Green Waste Site. The Green Waste Site provides a place for city residents to dispose of green waste, such as yard clippings, leaves and fallen tree limbs.  The resulting composte and natural wood mulch is available for purchase by the general public.

Please visit the Street Department page for more information.

Cemetery Department

The Cemetery Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvements to the Maple Grove Cemetery. The Cemetery Department work includes grave layout, monument placements and burial operations. They assist funeral directors and memorial companies as well as the general public with lot location and information. The Cemetery Department also provides grave sales, deed transfers as well as maintain accounting and maintenance of private trust funds. The Maple Grove Cemetery employs two full-time employees and one part-time employee.

Please visit the Maple Grove Cemetery page for more information.

Parks Maintenance Department

The Parks Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvements to City owned park grounds, buildings and equipment including the Riverside Pool and the ball fields at the Marathon Diamonds. The Parks Maintenance Department performs seasonal mowing of parks, overpasses, unimproved City owned properties and flood properties and snow removal from sidewalks on overpasses, bridges and City-owned property. The Parks Maintenance Department employees two full time employees.

Traffic Signal Department

The Traffic Signal Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvements to traffic signal equipment on City-owned streets and alleyways. Signal equipment ranges from traffic lights, flashing school signals and signalized crosswalks to specialized streetlights in downtown and sixteen civil defense (tornado) sirens. All intersections are tested on an annual basis to ensure correct operation of pedestrian buttons, vehicle detection, timings and power.  The Traffic Signal Department employs two full-time employees.

Forestry Division

The Forestry Division provides assessment of trees located on city property. The Public Works Department is available to assist property owners regarding tree selection, planting information, pruning information and removal services. The Forestry Division works closely with the Shade Tree Commission to ensure Findlay continues to be a “Tree City USA” community as designated by the National Arbor Day Foundation.