New Electric Aggregation Supplier | City of Findlay, Ohio

New Electric Aggregation Supplier



City of Findlay officials are pleased to announce that they have selected MidAmerican Energy Services to serve the next term of the City’s electric aggregation program.  MidAmerican recently won a competitive proposal process and was chosen by the City because they provided the best overall value for the program.  The City has set a fixed rate of 5.20 cents/kWh for a 3-year term starting with March 2018 meter reads.  Residents and small businesses should look for a mailer to arrive on or about January 10, 2018, concerning the new electric aggregation program offer from MidAmerican Energy.


“The mailer will explain the low offer we negotiated and the means to opt-out should a customer not want to participate in the program,” said Paul Schmelzer, Safety Director for the City of Findlay.  Residents will have 21 days to return an opt-out card to MidAmerican, if they decide not to participate.  Schmelzer concluded by saying, “We’re excited about the 36-month offer of 5.20 cents/kWh.  That rate is considerably lower than the alternative from AEP/Ohio Power and lower than the rates residents received in the previous program term.  We expect participation levels in our program to be high.”


Mayor Lydia Mihalik said, “We are delighted by the low fixed-rate of 5.20 cents/kWh for Findlay residents and businesses.  This low rate will allow residents to predict their costs and will protect them from rising rates for the next three years.  Our new rate is very attractive, and as before our program has no early termination fee.”


Mark Burns, president of Independent Energy Consultants, added that residents who have already chosen a supplier on their own will receive a similar letter from MidAmerican inviting them to join the program and get the same rate, terms, and conditions as their neighbors.  These residents will have to contact MidAmerican in order to join the program, and should review their current supply contracts to make sure there are no early termination fees.


In 2011, Findlay residents voted to give the City of Findlay “the authority to aggregate the retail electric loads located in the City, and for that purpose, enter into service agreements to facilitate for those loads the sale and purchase of electricity, such aggregation to occur automatically except where any person elects to opt out.”  The City is pleased to follow through with the desire of its residents.  If residents have any questions, they should contact MidAmerican Energy Services at 800-342-3346 after they receive their letter.