New Fixed Rate For Natural Gas Aggregation Program | City of Findlay, Ohio

New Fixed Rate For Natural Gas Aggregation Program

City Of Findlay Announces New Fixed Rate For Natural Gas Aggregation Program


Findlay, Ohio (October 19, 2017)City of Findlay officials are pleased to announce that they have established a 12-month fixed-rate of $4.377 per Mcf ($0.4377/Ccf) for natural gas for program members.  The new rate will run from December 2017 through the November 2018 billing cycle.  Residents and small commercial customers can expect a letter from Volunteer Energy to arrive on or about November 1st.  The letter will explain the rate, terms, and conditions of the offer.  Volunteer recently won a competitive proposal process and will continue as the supplier to the City’s program through November 2019.


Mayor Lydia Mihalik said, “We are pleased to make this rate available for our residents and small businesses.  The fixed-rate will give them price protection and budget stability as we move into the winter months and, as before, our program has no early termination fee.”


Mark Burns, President of Independent Energy Consultants, said, “Residents and businesses should carefully read their letter from Volunteer Energy.”  Burns added, “There are two similar but distinct versions of the letters.  Residents who are currently in the program or who receive their gas supply from Columbia Gas of Ohio’s Standard Choice Offer will receive an “opt-out” letter.  If they wish to remain in, or be added to, the program, they should simply do nothing and they will automatically receive the new rate.  A second version of the letter will be sent to residents who have already selected a supplier.  These account holders would need to contact Volunteer Energy to receive the City’s natural gas offer.”


Glenn Dempsey, Energy Specialist at Volunteer Energy Services, said, “We are pleased to continue serving the City of Findlay.  Residents who are being served by another supplier may join the City’s program by calling Volunteer at 800-977-8374 or by responding via mail as instructed in the letter they receive.  Residents served by other suppliers are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of their current supplier agreement before enrolling.”  Customers wishing to join the program must be in good standing with their bill payment and cannot be part of the utility’s Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP).


The City of Findlay is pleased to have made this program possible.  Residents should contact Volunteer at 1-800-977-8374 if they have any questions.


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