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Income Tax Return Filing

Post Date:05/22/2020 11:00 AM
The Findlay Income Tax Department is strongly encouraging taxpayers to file their municipal income tax returns earlier than the July 15 due date this year, if they will be visiting the Municipal Building for assistance.

The municipal income tax returns can be prepared and officially submitted to the Income Tax Department well before the extended July 15 due date without the payment of the tax at the time the return is filed.

The payment for any tax due can then be submitted separately and later. There is no requirement that states that the payment for the tax due must accompany the municipal income tax return. The tax due merely needs to be paid by the July 15 due date.

Last year, the Tax Department welcomed well over 200 visitors on April 15th alone. The Governor's urgent health advisory and social distancing practices may prevent the department from serving that many visitors in one day safely and effectively with the same prompt service to which visitors are accustomed. Taxpayers may need to expect a line, slower one-customer-at-a-time service, and limited access to the department's foyer. Each visitor may need to wear a mask during their visit and to maintain six feet of social distancing from fellow patrons.

The department is also encouraging taxpayers to attempt to prepare their own municipal income tax returns during this extended filing season. Fillable and printable forms and very thorough line-by-line instructions are easily available on the Tax Department's main page accessible by clicking on the "Income Tax" action button at the bottom of the City's website at Users may need to save the pdf files to their desktops to enter data successfully within the interactive fields. The forms can also be printed first and then written by hand.

Municipal income tax returns are not complicated by sublines, subtotals, adjustments, deductions, credits, supporting schedules, or tax tables so most of the returns can be prepared in a few minutes with reasonable effort. This is particularly true if an individual's entire municipal income tax liability has been withheld by his or her employers. If one percent of the W-2 box 5 Medicare wages is reported in the local tax box 19 and it's for the same community in which they reside (box 20), then lines 1 and 14 on the municipal income tax return will each be the same amount as the W-2 box 19 amount and the return is complete. Fill in the full name(s), address, and Social Security number(s), sign and date the form, and the return is ready to be submitted with copies of the W-2s and the Federal 1040. These individuals are also eligible to use the popular EZ forms available for each community on the website as well.

Taxpayers can avoid postage costs by using either of two convenient and secure drop boxes. A secure, drive-up drop box is located in the east curbed island of the Municipal Building's West Crawford Street parking lot (Lot F), about one-half block west of South Main Street. A new, additional secure walk-up drop box is located in the vestibule of the Municipal Building's Dorney Plaza entrance. The Tax Department requests that all drop offs be limited to these two boxes. Completed municipal income tax returns and payments can also be mailed to the post office box address shown at the top of each income tax return.

Taxpayers can also place their W-2 Wage and Tax Statements with their completed Federal Form 1040s in the vestibule drop box and department staff can prepare the Findlay, Arlington, Mount Cory, Vanlue, Carey, and Mount Blanchard income tax returns and then mail copies of the prepared municipal returns to the taxpayers. The tax due will still need to be paid by the extended July 15 due date, so taxpayers will need to allow ample lead time for those returns to be prepared or make an adequate estimate payment.

That unknown lead time will depend on how many taxpayers take advantage of this social-distancing service.
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