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If you experience water in your basement . . .

basement water image
  • Have your private storm and sanitary sewer laterals inspected by a plumber to ensure they are watertight.
  • Have a plumber inspect your sump pump capacity.
  • Inspect and make sure you have a backflow preventer on your sump pump system.
  • Increase the capacity of your sump pump system.
  • Install a back-up sump pump.
  • Make sure your sump pump system is not pumping water to the outside of your foundation.
  • Install downspout drains out to the storm sewer system to keep water from collecting around your foundation.
  • Ensure your downspouts are not connected to your foundation tile.
  • Install clay or cement “collars” on your storm and sanitary laterals.
  • Inspect your basement walls. If water is coming through, groundwater pressure may require installation of an exterior waterproofing system.

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