Downtown Revitalization Update – October 31 | City of Findlay, Ohio

Downtown Revitalization Update – October 31

Over the next few weeks, weather and contractor schedule permitting, here is an outline of what will be happening on the project:

October 30th through November 4th

  • Median Islands – The first of seven median islands, at Main Street near Center Street, is being poured. It is the biggest median island in the project. Work continues to remove asphalt and concrete on the remaining median islands locations in preparation for pouring of the new stamped concrete. Construct median islands starting at Center Street and working south towards Lima Street. After stamped concrete is poured, there are still a couple more steps that need to be completed before it is finished. The stamped concrete will look very different once the color accents are applied.
  • Irrigation System – Install irrigation systems including the drip lines, sprinkler lines, and irrigation lines are being installed. Weather permitting, they hope to have all new drip lines for the flower baskets installed by the end of this week. (The small black lines sticking out from the light poles are the new drip lines for the flower baskets).
  • Electrical Components – Continue to install Electrical Components including conduit, poles bases, and prepare to start pulling wire.
  • Concrete Work – Continue to form up and pour the remaining walk between the existing walk and curb.
  • Stamped Concrete – Prep work for the Stamped Concrete between the curb and walk.
  • Wayfinding – Layout locations and prep areas for new wayfinding signage.


November 6th through November 11th

  • Median Islands – Finishing up the remaining median islands by the middle to the end of the week.
  • Asphalt Paving – Once all the islands are poured they, prep work for the final asphalt pavement will commence. Pending completion of the median islands installation and weather permitting, milling will proceed on any areas that need attention before final paving.
  • Irrigation System – Drip lines should be finished early in the week. The landscaping contractor will start prepping locations for the installation of the trees and perennials.
  • Electrical Components – Continue to install Electrical Components including the audio system in preparation for the installation of speakers.
  • Stamped Concrete – Upon completion of the stamped concrete portions of the median islands, crews will concentrate on the remaining stamped concrete and any regular sidewalk that needs poured.


November 12th (Night of) through November 18th

  • Final Paving – Weather Permitting, the asphalt contractor is planning to mobilize on the evening of October 12 place asphalt throughout the night. Daytime traffic will not be disrupted. This depends on having temperatures that allow for paving at night. If the temperatures do get too low for night paving, paving will have to occur during the day. The paving process will take about three to four days to complete. Once the final course of pavement is placed the striping contractor will be in within a couple of days to paint out the traffic markings.
  • Stamped Concrete – pour the remaining stamped concrete along the sidewalks. Stamped concrete should be wrapping up towards the end of the week or early the following week.
  • Landscaping – new trees and perennials will be planted early in the week. Setting the trees will take a couple of days; planting of perennials will take the entire week and maybe part of the next week.
  • Electrical Components – continue with the electrical components installation and start to install new lighting for trees once the trees are planted.


November 20th through November 25th

  • Finishing any remaining work i.e. stamped concrete, traffic paint, landscaping, audio and electrical components, and Wayfinding signage.
  • After this week the construction zone will be taken down.