Annexation | City of Findlay, Ohio


A petition for annexation is filed with the County Commissioners with notification to the township and the City. City Council passes a resolution of services at the time of receiving notice, which becomes part of the annexation filed in the Commissioners’ Office. The Commissioners hold a hearing; and if they find the annexation documents and procedures to be in order, they will approve the annexation and certify that to the City Auditor’s Office. 

The City Auditor notifies City Council of receipt of the request by letter as well as maintaining the request in his/her office for 60 days for public inspection. Once the 60 days has expired, the Auditor will again notify the City Council by letter that the required 60 day public inspection timeframe has passed; and forwards the annexation documents to the Council Clerk, who will start the Committee process for review. 

After Council has considered the annexation in Committee, an Ordinance is adopted, which approves the annexation. The Council Clerk then files the proper paperwork with the County. Once the Council Clerk is notified that the paperwork is filed with the County Recorders Office, she will then give two sets of the documents back to the City Auditor for forwarding to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office. 

Annexations are generally effective 30 days after the date the Ordinance is adopted.

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