What should I do if I have rusty colored water? | City of Findlay, Ohio

What should I do if I have rusty colored water?

Contact the Water Distribution Department at 419-424-7192 between the hours of 7 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday. After 5:00pm or weekends, please call the Water Treatment Plant at 419-424-7193.

Provide as much information as possible, including time and date the problem started, location, and your best description of the problem.

Occasionally, you may experience discolored water. This can result from the water system being used to fight a fire, higher than normal usage throughout the City, pipes being disturbed by a water main break, construction, or fire hydrant flushing. These situations can disturb the deposits on the inside of the pipe resulting in discolored water. Generally, the water will clear within a few hours.

Do not run the water continuously during this time. Instead, check the cold water hourly by allowing it to run a few minutes to see if it has cleared.

If you were doing laundry when you noticed the rusty water, do not dry anything in your dryer.  Please call for a laundry supplement that the City supplies at no cost. This is available at the Utility Billing Department or delivered to you, free of charge, however someone must be at home to accept delivery.

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