Why all the attention about storm water recently? | City of Findlay, Ohio

Why all the attention about storm water recently?

The federal Clean Water Act requires large and medium sized towns across the United States to take steps to reduce polluted storm water runoff. The law was applied in two phases. The first addressed the large cities. The second phase, often referred to a “Phase II”, requires medium and small cities with population less than 100,000, fast growing cities and those located near sensitive waters to take steps to reduce storm water. The City of Findlay fits into this Phase II category and is required to address the following six aspects of the law:

  1. Conduct outreach and education about storm water runoff.
  2. Provide opportunities for residents to participate and be involved in conversation and activities related to reducing polluted storm water runoff.
  3. Detect and eliminate illicit discharges.
  4. Control construction site runoff.
  5. Control post-construction runoff.
  6. Control municipal site runoff.


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