Shade Tree Commission

Tree City USA logoThe Findlay Shade Tree Commission was created in 1978 by Findlay City Council to address the need to care for Findlay’s aging urban forest. Members of the Shade Tree Commission are appointed by the Mayor to three-year terms. The remaining members come from the City of Findlay Engineering and Public Works departments. The Commission operates with guidance from City Ordinances and coordinates with the Public Works Department.

The Shade Tree Commission’s responsibilities are to provide leadership in selection, promotion, planting and care of trees in public areas like street right-of-ways, parks, cemeteries and other city properties, as well as hazardous tree removal.

Information and exhibits are available to assist residents, businesses and local organizations in these efforts. Volunteers, donations of trees and funds for tree programs are always welcome.

Mission of the Shade Tree Commission

Today, the Shade Tree Commission’s Mission is:

  • To provide technical support for the establishment and maintenance of city trees
  • Educate all city residents on the benefits of trees for our community
  • Importance of proper tree care

Findlay continues to be a “Tree City USA” community for over 30 years designated by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Commission Members

Member Term Expiration
Tom Mills, Chairman Mayoral appointment December 31, 2020
Tim Brugeman Mayoral appointment December 31, 2017
Karl Farwig Mayoral appointment December 31, 2017
Mary Flickinger Mayoral appointment December 31, 2019
Randy Greeno Mayoral appointment December 31, 2017
Jerry Williamson Mayoral appointment December 31, 2019
AJ Copus Public Works none
Dave Honse Public Works none
Jeremy Kalb Engineering Department none
Jim Niemeyer Findlay City Council none
Brian Thomas Service Director none


Meeting Minutes

Access Meeting Minutes directly on Dropbox.