Engineering Department

The primary responsibility of the City of Findlay Engineering Department is to provide civil engineering services to support existing and future infrastructure under the City’s jurisdiction. Services provided include planning, design, project management, and construction inspection for capital improvements projects throughout the City. Projects include annual resurfacing programs, sewer lining and cleaning, water and sewer installation/replacement, intersection upgrades and signalization, and street reconstruction. The department also administers design contracts for various other projects as needed.

In addition to public capital improvement projects, the Engineering Department reviews plans, administers bonding requirements and inspects private developments. Private development projects requiring bonding and inspection fees are known as TBR (To Be Reimbursed) projects since time spent by Engineering staff on such projects is charged to the developer. The Engineering Department permits and inspects water and sewer taps, street openings, and sidewalk construction, and oversees licensing for sewer tappers and sidewalk contractors.

The Engineering Department consists of six full-time employees under the direction of City Engineer Brian A. Thomas.


Engineering Forms

Access Engineering Forms directly from Dropbox.