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The Findlay Airport is owned and operated by the City of Findlay. Aircraft handling and fueling is conducted during business hours and after-hours (on request) by City airport staff. The airport supports many different general aviation activities, including recreational flight, corporate and business travel, law enforcement, medical transport, cargo and aerial agricultural applications.

Aircraft hangar facilities include twenty individual T-hangar units and five corporate hangars, varying in size and capacity. Airport tenants include a variety of personal aircraft along with various corporate use jet aircraft.


The airport periodically hosts events that are free to the community. Most recently, the Findlay Air Expo has been held biennially. These events have featured WWII era aircraft and exhibits, along with flight demonstrations and aircraft rides. Please visit our Findlay Airport Facebook Page for updates on the next planned event.


A crowd gathers around the B-25 “Yankee Warrior” during the 2017 Findlay Air Expo: Honoring Our Aerial Military, Yesterday & Today.