The Patrol Division is the front line in prevention, detection, and crime solving in the City of Findlay. They consist of the uniformed officers and patrol the city in marked vehicles, bicycles and on foot.

They are normally the first police personnel that the public come into contact with when they need assistance. Patrol Division Officers are responsible for responding to calls for service, such as traffic accidents and criminal complaints. These officers are usually found patrolling the City in marked cruisers, although on some occasions, they are used for plainclothes details.

This division operates on three separate shifts:

  • Day Shift: 7:00am - 3:00pm
  • Afternoon Shift: 3:00pm - 11:00pm
  • Midnight Shift: 11:00pm - 7:00am

Each shift is commanded by two Sergeants who report to the Patrol Division Lieutenant.

K-9 Units

The Findlay Police Department has two K-9s. The unit consists of Officer Matt Paugh paired with K-9 Shadow and Officer Jake Atkins paired with K-9 Deke. Both K-9s are currently trained in narcotics detection, article search and apprehension.

Bike Patrol Unit

Bike Patrol Officers are assigned to patrol the city or work special events while riding a bicycle. Bike Patrol Officers can access areas that are difficult for marked cruisers, allowing them, in certain situations, to arrive at a scene quicker.

Special Assignment Unit

The Special Assignment Unit, or S.A.U., is comprised of a team of patrol officers that work in uniform and plain clothes as the situation dictated. The S.A.U. operates in flexible and creative manners, focusing their efforts in a targeted area of the city to combat a specific crime situation. This concept, developed by former Police Chief Greg Horne, enables the Findlay Police Department to practice ‘proactive policing’ and has proven an to be an effective response to specific, localized crime situations.