The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvements to the city-owned transportation infrastructure including all streets, street right-of-ways and alleyways. The Street Department strives to efficiently provide for the safe movement of both motor vehicles and pedestrians through the city. The Street Department employs twenty-two full-time employees.

Street Department functions include:

  • snow removal
  • street and alley resurfacing
  • street sweeping
  • pot hole repair and street sealing
  • concrete curb and gutter
  • installation and maintenance of street signs
  • tree removal on street right-of-ways
  • painting of traffic lane lines and on-street markings

The Street Department can be considered the "Swiss Army Knife" of the City. The Street Department is called to:

  • assist with special event preparations, including the set-up and removal of traffic barricades, temporary signage and street sweeping
  • set-up and remove traffic barricades & temporary signage during emergency situations such as flooding or power outages
  • locate and erect the city Christmas Tree in Dorney Plaza

Green Waste Site

The Street Department operates the Green Waste Site which provides a place for city residents to dispose of green waste, such as yard clippings, leaves and fallen tree limbs. The resulting compost and natural wood mulch is available for purchase by the general public.

Please visit the Green Waste Site page for more information.