The Traffic Signal Department has three employees, one supervisor and two technicians. The department is responsible for the installation, maintenance, repairs, improvements, and removals of all traffic signals in the city limits. Other responsibilities include signalized pedestrian crosswalks, signalized emergency vehicle exits, flashing warning signs and school signals, downtown streetlights and up lighting, civil defense (tornado) sirens, and maintain most local traffic signals outside the city limits.  All intersections are tested on an annual basis to ensure correct operation of pedestrian buttons, vehicle detection, timings and power. 

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The Signals at Lake Cascades and Western Ave are in the process of being decommissioned. The following is a list of the steps we will take and the approximate dates:

March 25-April 7 the lights will be on flash.

April 7-22 A stop sign will be put in place on Lake Cascades at Western Ave. before bagging the signals.

April 22 Lights will be removed.