Filling Swimming Pools 

The City of Findlay Water Distribution Department will fill swimming pools by hooking to a nearby fire hydrant, both residential and commercial. Fees for this service vary.  Please refer to the Pool Filling Charge rate table below for details.

It may be just as cost efficient to fill with using your garden hose.  The calculations below will assist you in estimating the cost using a garden hose.

 How to Calculate the Cost of Filling a Pool with a Garden Hose:

  • Inside City Limits: $4.46 Outside City Limits: $5.79
  • Rectangle or Square Pool: Multiplier = 7.5 Round or Oval Pool: Multiplier = 5.9
  • Determine how many gallons by dimensions: Length x Width x Depth x Multiplier
  • Gallons/750 = HCF x $4.46 or $5.79  

Rebates will not be considered.

If you have questions on filling your pool with a garden hose and how it will calculate on your water bill, please call Water/Sewer Billing Office at 419-424-7190 (select option 1).

Pool Filling Charges

  Started & finished during working hours Mon-Fri 7 AM - 4 PM Started and/or completed after hours 
Residential pool inside the corporation limits including labor  $200.00  $300.00
Residential pool outside the corporation limits including labor  $300.00  $375.00
Non-residential* pool inside corporation limits  $200.00  $300.00
Non-residential* pool outside corporation limits  $300.00  $375.00

*Non-residential pool rates are calculated by the size of the pool:

Length X Width X Depth = cubic feet
Divided by 100 = HCF. 
Charge will be HCF X the current rate plus the permit fee.