Construction and Permits

The Zoning Office handles all permits related to a change of use, new construction and floodplain management. Many types of construction require a permit including, but not limited to, fences, sheds, decks, signs, dwellings and grading. The Zoning Office will gladly assist in the permit process.

The City of Findlay and Hancock County utilize Wood County Building Inspection for inspection and permitting of multi-family residential and commercial properties. Please visit their site to confirm what requirements may apply to your property. These permits and inspections are in addition to zoning permits that must be received through the City of Findlay Zoning Department.  Wood County Building Inspection may also be contacted at:

  • 419-354-9190 (Phone)
  • 419-373-6786 (Fax)
  • 419-354-9190 (Inspections)

Complaints and Code Violations

The Zoning Office also handles neighborhood complaints and code violations such as:  junk/abandoned vehicles, tall grass/weeds, dilapidated structures, junk/rubbish on premises, and similar issues. Each issue that is submitted is investigated, photographed and cataloged. Property owners are notified via U.S. Mail and/or personal visits from Zoning personnel.

If property owners fail to handle the issues, the Zoning staff will have the matter abated and then invoice the property owner for the expenses incurred in the abatement. When invoices are unpaid, the charges are assessed to the property taxes and remain with the property.

As always, the Zoning staff stands ready and willing to assist in whatever needs are presented from the community. The staff works diligently with the property owners to achieve compliance.  Gaining compliance is our ultimate goal.

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