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Zoning Map - Proposed Updates

PLEASE NOTE:  The Zoning Map Update has been delayed due to the Coronavirus.  The City of Findlay would like to have a public open house to discuss the proposed changes.  Until that is possible, or a reasonable digital open house can be coordinated, the legislation will be on hold.

During 2019, the City and Hancock Regional Planning Commission (HRPC) carefully reviewed and  proposed an updated City of Findlay Zoning map.  The purpose was to correct inconsistencies between the existing use of properties and the zoning map.  Inconsistencies can cause property owners to go through unnecessary steps when trying to utilize their property.

Please review this document for more information about the proposed updates.  

                                                    Zoning map update graphic

Parcel Database

You can search the parcel database to determine the zoning district.  Search by address, owner or parcel number.  (We recommend searching by owner as some parcels do not have a street address attached to them.)

Summary definitions of common zoning districts:

R1 Info R2 Info R3 Info

More zoning district information can be found here.  The full Planning and Zoning Code (Part 11) can also be reviewed.

Zoning District Legend

Click on the zoning district for a link to more information.

 R1  Single Family, Large Lot Residential
 R2  Single Family, Medium Lot Residential
 R3  Single Family, Small Lot Residential
 R4  Two Family, High Density
 C1  Local Commercial District
 C2  General Commercial District
 C3  Downtown Commercial District
 O1  Institutions and Offices
 M1  Multiple-Family District, Medium Density
 M2  Multiple-Family District, High Density
 MH  Mobile Home District
 CD  Condominium District
 I1  Light Industrial
 I2  General Industrial
 PMUD  Planned Mixed Use Development