Refuse Haulers License

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The City of Findlay requires that all businesses hauling refuse, trash, etc. within the city limits have a license issued through the Mayor's Office.  Complete requirements can be found in City of Findlay Codified Ordinance Chapter 953.

Refuse Haulers cannot run their business out of their residential home.  At no time, can a vehicle used to haul refuse be parked at a home in a residential zoned area.

Refuse Haulers can apply for their license starting October of the year prior to the license being issued.  All Refuse Haulers licenses expire on December 31 each year.

 The following are the required documents needed when applying for a Refuse Haulers License:

  • Refuse Haulers License Application 
  • Hancock Public Health Truck Inspection and Vehicle Inspection Form
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance with City of Findlay named as a Certificate Holder

The fee for the license is $25.00 per vehicle.

2020 Licensed Refuse Haulers