Municipal CourtWelcome to the Findlay Municipal Court website.

The Findlay Municipal Court is located on the second floor of the City of Findlay Municipal Building. 

Our jurisdiction includes the City of Findlay plus all of the townships in Hancock County (except Washington Township). Judge Mark C. Miller and Judge Alan D. Hackenberg preside over the cases arising within the Court’s jurisdiction. 

The Findlay Municipal Court has three main divisions that process all of the paperwork and orders of the Court.

Traffic/Criminal Department: Processes all types of traffic and criminal misdemeanors and certain felony hearings.

Civil Department: Processes Civil, Small Claims, Forcible Entry and Detainer (Evictions), Rent Escrow and Trusteeships.

Probation Department/Compliance Officer: The probation department supervises individuals who are placed on probation and monitors their compliance with court orders.  The compliance officer oversees all persons who are ordered to complete community service or a variety of other programs/treatment.