These elected and appointed officials play crucial roles in the processing of cases and the disposition of justice.


Two Judges preside over the daily session of the Findlay Municipal Court.  Both Judges are elected and serve six year terms.  Communication with individual judges about specific cases is done on the record in open court.  The current Judges are:

Judge Mark C. Miller

Judge Alan D. Hackenberg


Two part-time magistrates have been appointed by the Judges to hear various matters that come before the court such as Small Claims, Status Conference hearings and various traffic matters.  The current Magistrates are:

Magistrate Matthew Cunningham

Magistrate Robroy Crow


The Director of Court Services is under direction of the Judges of the Findlay Municipal Court. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the day to day administrative responsibilities of Court operations, policy development and implementation, budget preparation, fiscal administration, personnel administration, accounting functions, statistical analysis, projections, public relations, and personnel management. The Director is also the Chief Bailiff and the Chief Probation Officer for the Court. 

The current Director of Court Service is David D. Beach


The Clerk of Courts oversees the day to day operations of the Clerk's office and is responsible for the maintenance of the court records.  The current Clerk of Courts is Heather M. Eigel.