The Citizen’s Settlement Program is designed to use mediation to settle disputes without court action. Mediation is a process by which a neutral third party (a trained mediator) helps parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute.

The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between parties. The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong. Specially trained personnel conduct each session.

In mediation, each party has an opportunity to present his or her side of a dispute and to offer suggestions for an acceptable solution.

Mediation can be a more effective way to resolve disputes and civil matters because the parties are free to reach whatever agreement they determine is workable and will solve the dispute. It also provides for an informal communication in a relaxed atmosphere, resulting in the ability of keeping the relationship between the parties in tact.

Mediation sessions are confidential. There is no record made or kept, and anything said or discussed will not be used at any subsequent court hearing. The mediator does not “make” the parties reach an agreement, but simply helps them to forge their own agreement.

Disputes can be resolved much quicker through the Citizen’s Settlement Program. Mediations are generally scheduled within two weeks of the original filing and are scheduled through the Findlay Municipal Court. There is no cost involved to file for mediation.

If the dispute is not settled through the mediation process, a claim may be filed in the Civil or Small Claims Division of the Findlay Municipal Court.

For more information contact the CSP Coordinator at 419-429-7358