This is a service the court provides for renters to deposit their rent money with the court. In order to do so: The renter must be current on their rent to apply for escrow. The renter must first send the landlord a letter by certified mail. In the letter, state everything wrong with the premises and give them thirty (30) days to make the necessary corrections. After the letter has been sent and thirty (30) days have passed, the renter can bring their rent money (no checks) with a copy of the letter (and the certified receipt showing it was delivered to the landlord) to the court and sign an application.

The renter will then continue to make their monthly rent payments to the court. This continues until either the landlord requests a hearing or the situation has been fixed to the satisfaction of both parties. In this case, both parties must sign an application for release of rental escrow and the court will disburse the funds to the landlord keeping 2% for poundage sent to the city treasurer.

Application forms can be accessed via our Forms and Documents page.