The Findlay Municipal Court’s Probation Department oversees all persons placed on probation as the result of a traffic or criminal conviction. It is the goal of probation to monitor compliance with the sentence imposed by the Judge, thereby reducing involvement of further criminal activity.

Probation Officers assess the needs of the defendant and monitor the compliance of their terms of probation, as determined by the Court. Conditions of Probation will include, but not limited to; a curfew, regular probation meetings,and random drug/alcohol screening. Additional rules can include paying restitution, alcohol and mental health assessments, counseling, and community service as ordered by the court. Defendants are assigned to a Probation Officer who will supervise the conditions of their probation and provide assistance in complying with those conditions.


The Compliance Officer oversees all persons assigned to complete various Court ordered programs such as, but not limited to:

Any questions pertaining to any of these programs should be directed to the Compliance Officer.